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Ready-made OpenCart extension shop

Ready-made OpenCart extension shop
We offer high-quality extensions that are especially suited for the Latvian market. We are the only company in Latvia that offers Latvian language packages and extensions for the latest OpenCart versions (starting with version 3)!

Below you can buy the Latvian version of the OpenCart online shop (Latvian language package), extensions and modifications developed by Partneris. All modules that can be found here are supported in Latvian.

We ensure that our extensions are compatible with the latest versions of OpenCart! We also offer to upgrade your outdated extensions to the latest versions.

Why is it necessary to use the latest OpenCart version?

OpenCart, like any other technology, is evolving and getting better and more user-friendly. The latest versions are faster, have bug fixes and new features that can help improve the performance or ease of use of your online shop.
description tthis opencart extension will allow customer to select as payment method credit from demonstrējums frontend demo backend admin demo username: demo password: demo (without update permissions) calculator screanshot documentation documentatio..
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description this opencart data feed module allows you to feed all your products to the latvian marketplace and lithuanian marketplace and estonian marketplace features support of all opencart versions 2.3x and 3.x; enable/disable the module; enable/disable product qu..
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Description The module allows you to set up an additional description when hovering over a product card. Demonstration Demo available: Store front demo Admin panel demo username: demo password: demo (without update permissions). Front screenshot Admin screenshots Docume..
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Extension DescriptionThis extension allows to enter a any price for a product on the product page. Usage scenarios - customer can offer his own price. Store owner can define the price for e.g. service that he wants the customer to pay after mutual agreement and after the adding to cart Save cart as ..
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Description The module allows you to add an energy label for the product, it also adds a datasheet. Energy labels help consumers save money by choosing products that consume less energy. Demonstration Demo available: Journal 3 Store front demo Admin panel demo Username: demo Password: de..
Ex Tax:55.00€
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Journal 3 Translation Tool Description This tool exports Journal 3 localization variables into CSV file, which you can then edit in spreadsheet, do the translations and then import back translated text. It will help you to identify the translations that otherwise might go missing, for example some..
Ex Tax:27.00€
Latvian Language Pack for OpenCart 3.x and 4.x
opencart latvian language pack for 3.0.3.x and 4.x- full translation (catalog + admin). if you look for our latvian language pack for 1.5.x versions - click here. if you look for our latvian language pack for 2.x versions - click here. what's new? 04.08.2022 added compatibility with opencart ..
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Opencart Quick Order Edit Extension For Opencart 3.0.x Description This extension allows you to edit any order info in one step. Features allows you to edit any order info in one step; Demonstration Demo available: Admin panel demo username: demo password: demo (without update permi..
Ex Tax:30.00€
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OpenCart Technical support, Custom Work Service
This is a quick way to allow people to purchase custom work from me by purchasing it through the store.  DO NOT BUY THIS UNLESS WE HAVE AGREED ON THE SERVICE! This is NOT an addon.  You should not be buying this service unless we had agreed on some custom work that requi..
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