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About Us

Our origins date back to 2010 when the company's owner Guntis Endzelis started working on the development of OpenCart online stores, which is still one of the company's main core services. The company grew gradually until the work became more and more, and the range of services offered grew, including experience and expertise. We are proud of the fact that our future customers hear about us from existing and former customers, or word of mouth, which shows us that our customers trust us and want to come back to us. We have had the opportunity to work with clients from all over the world - USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Europe and Latvia.

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Our mission

' To facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs by creating solutions that meet the client's needs, by developing and maintaining online shops or websites based on the client's business needs. '

Our team

Guntis Endzelis

Head of company

Guntis supervises Partneris processes daily - leads the team, talks with clients, and builds visions of the future for the business. There is no time left for programming. Guntis himself believes that OpenCart is one of the best online store platforms and that anything can be done on its basis. In his free time, Guntis watches films, recharges by driving, goes on trips with his family, and enjoys filming and editing.

Madara Kalniņa

Marketing and communication specialist

Madara can be found daily on Partneris social networks, website or generating ideas and future strategies. Besides marketing, Madara is interested in yoga, healthy and tasty food and going for walks. Madara herself believes that everyone deserves a website with good content.

Inga Tropiņa

Project manager

Inga is a guide between developers and clients. She leads new and old projects and also solves problems if the client has any. Inga is the one that clients contact if they have any questions. Working for some time with OpenCart, Inga sees many opportunities there. In her free time, Inga likes to read fantasy books, care for animals, spend time at home or in nature and do some sewing.

Ivan Kumets

Full stack developer

Ivan is working on developing and supporting OpenCart extensions. He loves everything about IT, so he is always eager to learn more about his field of work to build his skills. In his free time, Ivan likes to meet up with his friends, watch movies or TV series and is interested in motorsports.

Sergey Kosov

Full stack developer

Sergey develops and maintains websites and extensions on OpenCart. He is engaged in full-stack development of web applications on vue/laravel frameworks. He also gets in touch with some clients. Sergey likes to travel, chat with friends, play board games, watch movies and TV series, play sports and follow cybersports. Colleagues believe that Sergej loves to program and is very responsible.

Svetlana Ščerbina

Full stack developer

Svetlana creates, develops and maintains various OpenCart extensions and installs and configures them. She can build an online store from start to finish. In her free time, Svetlana enjoys going to the gym, going out for a ride at night and listening to music, walking by the sea and spending time with her family outdoors.

Vitaly Gorbachov

Full stack developer

Vitaly treats coding very responsibly and tries to complete his tasks by 110%. His extensive experience in developing e-commerce projects allows him to do this. Vitaly pays a lot of attention to testing; his solutions should work perfectly. Vitaly enjoys spending his free time actively when he’s not busy coding. In the warmer months, that might be cycling or hiking, and in winter, skiing and snowboarding.

Aleksandr Surnachev

Front-end developer

Aleksandr takes care of the visible part of the online store or the part used by the end user. Aleksandr is a perfectionist who loves perfection in everything. His hobby is athletics, as he believes that life equals movement, so one's lifestyle should represent that. Aleksandr likes that his work schedule is flexible, and can work anytime. Sometimes he is so consumed with his work that he can work around the clock.

Matīss Endzelis

Designer & tester

Matīss is responsible for visual design, publishing plugins, testing and writing technical documentation. Matīss is a very enthusiastic and active person. In his free time, he loves to play sports and spend time with his friends. Matīss is a perfectionist when it comes to working, so he prefers to take longer time and do better quality work rather than rush it and not do it as thoroughly.