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We are the official OpenCart partner!

We offer online shop development based on OpenCart. You can read more about what is OpenCart and its advantages below.

You can read about all our OpenCart services in the "OPENCART" section.

OpenCart main advantages:

  • free e-commerce platform
  • huge community support - developers and online shop users can get support and advice from the OpenCart community
  • friendly not only for users but also for developers
  • excellent page load speed even with a large number of products
  • multiple languages, payment methods, currencies and tax rates can be easily incorporated, instantly expanding sales opportunities
  • several websites can be combined in one system (multistore)
  • various reports and performance indicators are available - number of visitors, the total number of orders, products sold, unfinished orders, etc.
  • endless ready-made designs (themes) and extensions for all kinds of businesses and industries (more than 13,000!), and the best part is that, if you can't find something, someone can apply to do it for you in the OpenCart community
  • user management - assigning different roles and permissions to the people who work for you and help run your online store
  • entering, displaying and filtering product attributes (length, size, colour, etc.), as well as an unlimited number of product categories
  • relatively low development costs

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an online store or catalogue management system and one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. It is based on PHP and can use a MySQL database.

Why choose OpenCart?

OpenCart is a ready-made solution for small and medium-sized businesses to quickly set up an online shop with minimal configuration, it only takes 1-2 days to get it up and running. OpenCart is easy to use and offers ready-made solutions and modern page themes.

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