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Website maintenance

We troubleshoot OpenCart and WordPress online store hosting and server issues so your website or online shop can run error-free!
€‎ 25


  • disk space up to 10 GB (shared hosting*)
  • reduced expert hourly fee of 25 EUR/hour (from 30 EUR/h) for site improvements
  • max 4h response time** (working days)
  • diagnosing problems (without fixing them)
€‎ 59


  • disk space up to 50 GB (shared hosting*)
  • MINI support contract +
  • software upgrades as needed (if there are errors in the existing one)
  • fixing errors reported by Google Search Console
  • fixing bugs reported in the OpenCart bug log
  • fixing errors found in javascript console
  • resolving technical issues with hosting provider (if necessary when staying with a different hosting provider)
  • preparation of free upgrade offers
€‎ 119


  • disk space up to 200 GB (shared hosting*)
  • MAXI support contract + support also available on Saturdays and Sundays outside working hours (max 2h reaction time** in critical situations)
  • regular software updates to the latest versions (considering extension compatibility)
*It is also possible to stay with your existing hosting service provider.
**Time until the start of work from the moment of reporting the problem.

If you buy one of the above support contracts for a year, you only pay for 10 months!

We also offer consultations upon individual request!

Why do you need website maintenance?

Your website or online shop needs regular maintenance (it could even be compared to a car MOT) to function optimally throughout the year because it:

  • improves website security (regular website maintenance prevents website failures, removes outdated applications and backups, and prevents hackers from accessing your website's sensitive information)
  • prevents unpleasant situations for existing and potential customers by diagnosing and eliminating errors registered in the Google Search console, OpenCart error log and JavaScript console (errors and their automatic logging slow down the server and also take up a lot of disk space (if there are many errors))
  • ensures backup of website data (backup copies of the website are saved, which ensures that in the event of a malicious software attack, you will not need to create your website from scratch)
  • provides technical support in situations where the website has encountered errors as a result, for example, the customer is unable to complete their order

What is hosting?

For your website or online shop to be available online, its code needs a server to store and transmit the website or online shop's data. That, in a nutshell, is hosting.

Why do you need hosting?

Without hosting, your website or online shop would not be connected to the rest of the internet. Hosting affects the speed, security and storage of your website or online shop and stores your website or online shop's files, images, text, etc.

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