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eCommerce website development

Online store or eCommerce website development is one of the most important tools to ensure that your business grows its sales and reaches more and more customers. An online shop is a place where you can sell your services and products to customers in a convenient and easy way. The need for online shops has increased dramatically in recent years and more and more people are choosing to shop directly online, at a time and place that suits them, saving them a lot of time (and money).

We offer online store development from A - Z!

Set up your online shop today and start earning!


Base online store creation

€‎ 310

-10% discount when ordering online

  • base store installation
  • SSL certificate
  • robots.txt configuration
  • sitemap installation and submission to Google
  • setting up SEO URL
  • Moderna Favicon creation and installation
  • configuring geographic zones and taxes
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Latvian and English language pack
  • theme (skin) selection and installation
  • delivery method - DPD courier + pickup
  • payment type - bank transfer
  • training in using the online store/theme (1h)

Extended online store creation

€‎ 820

-10% discount when ordering online

  • everything that is included in the EASY package +
  • installing and configuring Google Recaptcha v3
  • Google Analytics
  • Russian language pack
  • theme customization/configuration, 8h
  • customizing the mobile version
  • delivery of goods to
  • delivery method - DPD courier + pickup point and I will pick it up myself
  • choice of payment methods depending on the delivery method
  • payment method - credit card and banklink payment extension, SWEDBANK module, bank transfer, cash on delivery
  • training in using the online store/theme (2h)

Max online store creation

€‎ 1899

-10% discount when ordering online

  • everything that is included in the STANDARD package +
  • EU VAT number verification
  • theme customization/configuration, 16h
  • theme (skin) translation tool (translation is performed by the customer)
  • delivery of goods to,, (
  • delivery methods - Omniva courier + parcel machines, DPD courier + pickup points, pick up myself and free delivery limit
  • SEO extension
  • import - export extension
  • Facebook integration, Facebook store, instagram
  • automatic receipt of PDF invoice
  • login with social networks (Google, Facebook)
  • extension - live chat

*We can help you create a custom design to suit your needs!

If you already have an online shop but want to upgrade it, we can help you with that too! Contact us here.

We offer professional and patient one-on-one training in online store administration.

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