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This OpenCart data feed module allows you to feed all your products to the product comparision service

If you are looking for our Data Feed extension for OpenCart 3.x - click here.

The module gets installed within Admin -> Extensions -> Product Feeds where you can install/uninstall, enable or disable it.

What's New?

Updated demo versions and documentation.


  • Support of all OpenCart versions from 1.4.9.x to 2.x;
  • Enable/disable the module;
  • [#] Enable/disable product quantity display in the feed;
  • Feed language selection (need to select Latvian or Russian);
  • SEO URL rewrite in feed links, if enabled in store;
  • Possibility to include or exclude categories ;
  • [#] Products that do not belong to any category are not sent to (it's requirement);
  • [#] Possibility to modify price for the feed (price multiplier);
  • Extension pre-translated in English, Latvian, Russian;
  • [#] Set security code in the link so that no-one can read data except the ones who know the link;
  • [#] Sorting of Categories by category level, if multiple categories exist.
  • [##] support tags
  • [##] support optional tags for showing delivery cost to Riga, Latvia; with DPD PB, Pasta Stacija, Omniva

[##] - only for extension versions for OpenCart 1.5.x and 2.x

[##] - only for extension version for OpenCart 2.x


User: demo
Password: demo


Screenshot of Edit Feed Settings

Pre-requisites requires product feed prices in local currency, therefore Latvian currency EUR must be installed.


Click here to access documentation.

Output format example:

xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <name>Nokia 6120name>
    <category_full>Mobilie telefoni >> Nokiacategory_full>



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OpenCart versions supported 1.4.9.x and 1.5.x and 2.x
Technical support length 12 months

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