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Venipak Pickup for OpenCart 3.x

Venipak Pickup for OpenCart 3.x


This shipping extension allows to define shipping to self-service post terminals Venipak. Customers can select Venipak station’s address from list for Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

If your are searching for Venipak pickup for OpenCart 2.x click here.


  • Support Journal3 theme;
  • Drop-down destination selection (instead of default radio);
  • Drop-down in Estimate shipping and taxes (instead of default radio);
  • Added free shipping limit - when cart total is xx, shipping cost = 0;
  • Allow limit the maximum weight and dimensions to disable the Venipak shipping if the product exceeds the limits;
  • Possibility to define shipping cost by weight;
  • Possible to define cart amount from which the shipping is free (free shipping limit);
  • Automatic station addresses update for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia;
  • Admin interfaces in English, Russian and Latvian (we will create any new language for free, if you provide translation);
  • Supports OpenCart version 3.x.;
  • Extension does not overwrite any OpenCart or theme file.


Username: demo

Password: demo (without update permissions)


Venipak Shipping Extension Settings Screenshot of General Tab

Venipak Shipping Extension Settings Screenshot of Country Tab

Venipak Shipping Extension Checkout Screenshot


Click here to access documentation.


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OpenCart versions supported -
Technical support length 12 months

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Venipak Pickup for OpenCart 3.x
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